Carpe Diem – Home Based Business

Ever wonder why some people are really successful? Well, let’s all grasp the full meaning of Carpe Diem – “Seize the day”. It is a wonderful principal to live our lives by. Make the most of today with no regrets about yesterday or worries about tomorrow. Take hold of Today, focus or visualize on building your residual income in a home based business now. For example, on a regular basis, I create articles and post them to various blogs as part of the process to building my home business.

Lets take a closer look at the meaning of Carpe Diem. According to Wikipedia, “Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace. It is popularly translated as “seize the day”, although a more literal translation of carpe would be “harvest” (“harvest the day”), as in the harvesting of fruit. The most common interpretation of the phrase is as an existential cautionary term with emphasis on making the most of current opportunities because life is short and time is fleeting.”

Most people struggle in their home based business and developing a residual income because of fear and doubt. Their self-esteem holds them back from even trying. The “buts” and “what ifs” take over. Their mindspeak stops them before they even get going in developing a home business. Up to that point in their lives their own personal life experience does not support them and empower them to see them selves worthy of success and building a long term passive residual income. They are too busy looking in the review mirror instead of focusing on what’s in front of them today.

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions again shall we? Are real leaders stressed and worried or insecure or do they know where they are going in their own home based business and are confident in their purpose and means? That’s obvious I believe…

So how can one go from being insecure and worried to confident and calm in building a residual income in a home based business?

Carpe Diem…!!!!

Success is a journey not a destination. If we do all that we can do today, retire this evening satisfied we have done our very best and invest time wisely over a period of time, do you know what happens? You will enter into an elite group of people- very elite. Good habits take time and will replace bad habits and you will be that much closer to he confident leader you are working to be.

What happens is most people begin with enthusiasm and because of fear and doubt make excuses to themselves and simply fall back into the comfort levels. Building a home based business and creating a residual income takes a lot of work, effort and persistence over time combined with personal coaching.

Carpe Diem…!!! Don’t worry about tomorrow! Don’t fret about yesterday. Today is where it’s at and you need to focus on building your home based business and residual income today! Make a list this morning of things you wish to do today and visualize success and completing those tasks that you set out to complete. Put them in priority. Start at the top and take action. Sounds so very simple doesn’t it? Just like our home business – simple but not easy.

Inch by inch it’s a cinch. Everyday, I try and reach out and make contact with at least 2 new people and simply try and make a friend. If I do that everyday and stay in touch with people that I like, do you realize what will happen? Over the coming year I will find a pile of new friends and somewhere in there will come a few new successful business partners. Now, I’m better at doing that today than I was last year. So every year I can grow my Circle of Influence to a higher degree. Many of these new friends will refer me to people as well. I know by experience that this just takes time. I invest time in people as I focus on today building my home based business and residual income.

My sincerest wish is to inspire some of you, actually all of you, to seize today, give it your all and retire tonight satisfied that you have truly given your all to building your home based business and working at developing your residual income. Do it again tomorrow and every day to develop those daily success habits that all leaders have learned. Those that do will change their destiny and create a passive residual income.

Have a great day everyone!

Being Abundant Rocks!

Darrell Lischka – Business Coach

Why Small Businesses Need Websites

Many small businesses and professionals are missing out on the power of the Internet by not having websites. Or if they do have a website, it is just about them, which is as bad as not having a website.

A website is the best marketing tool you can get, so long as you get a good design and use it well. Let’s start with the design. As the website is part of your brand, you want it to be unique to you in design, and informative, with easy navigation. You don’t want to buy a template that is used by hundreds of other sites. Instead, get the site designed for you.

The main elements you need are:

1. Navigation buttons to each page or section

2. A title tag

3. Your logo

4. Good information about your products

5. An about you page

6. A contact page

The most important thing is that you give people information about the products you sell, and why they are good. Don’t tell them how good your service is, show them. How do you do this? By making an offer they can’t refuse, which can be speedy delivery, preferably free, very low prices, or exclusive products, or a free trial.

Free trials bring in business

Free trials are particularly valuable marketing tools for every business, although you cannot offer a free trial of a banana. But you could offer free delivery, with ‘return on inspection’ for perishable goods.

In other words, when the food is delivered, the customer can inspect it and if not satisfied, give it straight back to the delivery driver. Hassle? Yes, but if it gives you more satisfied customers, worthwhile.

A lawyer or accountant needs to give a better free trial than is common in his profession. Go further than ‘free first consultation’. Instead, give two or three free consultations, depending on the job. If the client will obviously have follow-up business, you could offer a free trial of a complete procedure.

But offer this only to people who make their booking through the website.

A contact page is important

The contact information is important. These days, emails are unreliable, and of course there is still plenty of spam, so the contact page can have a form where you ask people to enter their question. Some people don’t like these forms, and won’t use them, so put your email address at the bottom so they can email you. Otherwise, you will loose these people.

Of course, you should include your phone number prominently.

You can get a well-designed website for free

You may be thinking that website design will cost you a fortune. It is true that if you go to some designers, a 20-page website could easily cost you $2,000, which seems a big investment.

However, you can get a custom-designed website which meets your requirements for free. Generally, if a firm offers this free website design, you will have to host your website on their hosting service. This is not a problem, as you have to get your website hosted somewhere. Actually this is an ideal solution for small businesses, because you get the site maintained as well.

A Marketing Business – Small Business Marketing Planning

Knowing what you want in a marketing business is the first step in getting it. Like the Cheshire cat says in Alice in the Wonderland, “If it doesn’t matter where you want to get to… then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.” The following three points are vital to determining your success in whatever business you choose. Review them carefully before investing in any marketing business.

1. Decide what you need or want from your business. This is your “WHY” you are in business. How important your “why” is to you will almost always determine your level of desire and commitment to succeed. Ideas for your “why” list might include time, money, health, travel, relationships or education. What is motivating you? Write it down and review it on a daily basis. Remember that your “why” must be more important than any obstacle you encounter.

2. Know Yourself! Take honest inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Be realistic in what you can and are willing to put into your business. How much time, money and effort are you willing to put on the table to make your business successful? What assets can you contribute, what do you need help with and what are your priorities in life and business…listed in order? Are you willing to spend time and money on self help and education? What are you willing to put into business expenses? Are you disciplined enough to treat your business like a business or are you planning on having a side hobby.

3. Choose a Company that meets your needs and lifestyle. Careful research and evaluation can save you months of time, money and frustration. Here are some of many valuable questions to ask when looking at a company or opportunity:

  1. What are the start up costs?
  2. What do you receive for those costs?
  3. What are the product and shipping costs?
  4. Are there required monthly fees or purchases?
  5. What are the estimated supply and marketing costs?
  6. Do they have quality customer service and support?
  7. What is their return policy?
  8. Can I sell the product retail? Will customers buy without the marketing plan?
  9. Will I be required to stock and deliver product?
  10. Is the compensation or pay plan fair and lucrative?
  11. When and how are commission checks issued?
  12. Does the company offer bonus incentives?
  13. Does the company have approved websites and online marketing tools?
  14. Does the company promote off line marketing?
  15. What type of training and support does the company offer?
  16. Does the company offer home business training for taxes, etc.?

From one marketer to another, taking time to research your business before investing your time and resources is a must. Finding what meets your needs and fits your lifestyle is the first key to success in any business. Knowing where you want to go and determining if the opportunity you are looking at will get you there will make all the difference in your success. So write it down, and lets help each other succeed in business.